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Problem Solutions

Problem Solutions... through a Team Approach.


PROBLEM SOLUTIONS ... Seldom is a problem caused or solved by one person

- Like our Strategic Planning Process - Problem Solutions require buy-in from everyone involved



- Our Problem Solution Team Approach is based on organizational theory and quality processes that apply to all aspects of organizational improvement


Please contact us for more information on our Team Approach!



Greg Nelson Consulting has a proven track record of problem solution through a team approach.  We led a two-year team of civilian and military experts studying Katrina air transportation problems and developed the FAA air flow process used to evacuate 8,000 people from Hurricane Gustav, 2008, and increased the Haiti earthquake air response from 34 to 175 aircraft per day, 2010.  Our team processes assisted the multi-national collaborative support to the Pakistan flood relief, 2010.  Our Team Approach was used to lead two multi-state planning efforts for a catastrophic earthquake or hurricane scenario. Please contact us for more details on our products or references for our work. 

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